Professional Audio Production

We are a specialised audio production solution. From pre to post production as well as content for aspiring producers and engineers.

What we do

  • Keys

    We sell ready-made beats to get you started as quickly as possible.

  • Recording
    Custom Production

    We will compose custom music to complement your musical ideas.

  • Tutorials
    Vocal Tuning & Audio Restoration

    We will pitch correct your vocals with melodyne and remove any imperfections from your sound recordings (i.e background noise, hiss, mains hum, wind etc).

  • Mixing

    Tired of dull and lifeless mixes? We will mix your music to perfection.

  • Mastering

    We will make sure that your music is ready for any broadcast facility.

  • Tuts
    Stem Mastering

    We will treat your grouped channels or  stems (such as drums, keyboards, bass, guitars, synths and vocals to lift the sound of your track to a higher level.

Why Choose Us

We are passionate and dedicated. We also strongly believe in meeting deadlines and creating work that always surpasses your expectations.

Always on time

We are serious about deadlines. We always deliver in-time so you can always meet your own timelines.

Quality Audio

We use tried and tested methods as well as the latest technology to output the best quality on each project.

Free Revisions

Get personal level refinement in your tracks with free revisions. Get your song to sound perfect 

Streaming Ready

We will master your music so it's ready for Spotify, and all other streaming services.

Latest Works

Here's a few of our latest recordings we’ve been working on. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

What Our Clients Say

Here are sentiments from some of our clients.

  • Prophecy-pic


    Hip Hop artist

C.O.G is an amazing producer, sound engineer and artist. I love how he invests all his time and energy in every project we work on. He understands time, keeps his promises and is super efficient. If you want your sound or music to be produced, mixed and mastered to meet international standards then look no further than C.O.G. Out of 10 I give him 20.

  • The Syko

    Davis "The Syko" Mange


COG is a phenomenal producer. His skill set put him among the top tier producers.  His beats are creative and give a fresh perspective to African hip hop. COG also has an insane talent  for crisp and clear mixes, and what I love most about his work is that  he is very humble, builds rapport, commendable professionalism and works with you to bring out the sound you desire. That being said I stan and a loyal customer.

Questions & Answers

Learn a bit more about us and our services.

  • Why should I choose your company?

    We are dedicated, focused and accessible. We want you to be successful with your music and we understand exactly what it takes. We want to help you achieve that success with each project by giving it our best and being available to you.

  • Is this an Online Mastering Service?

    All our mixing and mastering services are non-automated. We mix all projects in real studio sessions that involves International standard engineers going through your music track by track to give custom mixes and masters at each turn.

  • What am I paying for?

    More than 15 years of experience of professional audio engineers time and expertise. Use of quality gear and high end plugins. Mixing talent that has mixed for award winning artists as well as quality and experience clean up and editing of vocal and instrument tracks.